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My team is looking for a discount. Does Mantis Hockey offer discounts on group purchases? And if so, how do we go about doing this?

We do offer bulk discounts based on the quantity and value of the goods. While we cannot promise discounts on all items we can always discuss possibilities. Please email us via our contact page for any team requests.

I am looking to join The Mantis Team as a sponsored player or team. What is available?

We do offer sponsorships for NCAA teams and International players located ONLY in North America. We cannot offer any sponsorship to players residing outside of our region. For more information please contact us via our contact page for any sponsorship requests.

Which length stick is right for me?

Most hockey sticks are available in standard lengths of 36.5 and 37.5, with a few available in longer lengths. 36.5 has traditionally been the ‘standard’ senior length of a hockey stick, and the majority of players still use this size. Recently there has been a trend towards more players using 37.5 sticks, with the advantages including a longer reach, and a more comfortable playing position for taller players. There are no rules governing which length of stick will be right for individual players, it really is down to personal preference.

Which weight stick should I buy?

Many hockey sticks are available in light and medium weight with a few available in a heavy version. The last few years have seen movement away from the heavier sticks due to the technical advancements in the manufacturing of hockey sticks (particularly the composites). Traditionally with wooden sticks, the heavier the stick, the more power could be generated when striking the ball. However, with today’s composite sticks, the power is generated from the composition of the stick rather than the weight. Recent trends have been towards lighter sticks with advantages for dribbling and other technical stick skills. However, many players still favor the balance offered by a slightly heavier stick. It is impossible to advise which weight will be ‘better’ for an individual player. Mantis Hockey generally focuses its ordering on lighter model sticks but some medium weight models are available.

What is the advantage of having a bowed stick?

Bowed hockey sticks have been increasing in popularity after a huge increase in their use in globally (particularly Australia, Holland and Germany). The advantages include:

  • Increased flicking ability (particularly drag flicking).
  • Better for sweep and pushed passes.
  • Some players have found that the bow helps with dribbling as the stick head is at a different angle to that on a straight stick.
  • I heard rumors that some sticks in North America are not passing the bow measurement tests?

The past couple of years have seen increases in the bows of sticks from the traditional 16mm up to 48mm in the most extreme case! This has all changed again as the FIH have set a limit on the bend allowed to 25mm. You can be ensured that no stick purchased from Mantis Hockey has a bow over the 25mm threshold, with most of our sticks falling between 20mm-23mm in bow.

Why are some sticks more expensive than others?

Cheaper sticks may only be reinforced with fibreglass, whereas the more expensive sticks will have strips of carbon coating the shaft giving increased stiffness and power. In addition, Kevlar or Aramide may be added to dampen vibrations.

The cost of composite sticks is directly proportional to the percentage of carbon making up the stick. The more you pay, the more carbon is in the stick, making it stiffer, resulting in increased striking power.

Can I get a different (or an additional) grip put onto a stick purchased?

Unfortunately we cannot put different grips onto sticks before they are sent out by mail order. Once a stick has been altered, it is not fit for resale, and you would therefore be unable to return it if for any reason it did not meet your expectations.

Can I get the stick I purchase cut down to be a shorter size?

Unfortunately we do not do this for customers. You are welcome to try it, but please note that this will cease any warrantee that Mantis Hockey will offer on its sticks.