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Voodoo 2014 Field Hockey Stick range designed for North American Markets

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Based on the recent launch of the global 2014 Voodoo Field Hockey Stick Line, Voodoo America decided to make a push to customize their field hockey stick graphics.    Why? 

Field Hockey around the world is generally 50% male and 50% female. In North America field hockey is played 95% by females and 5% by males.

This is why the Voodoo America guys worked in conjunction with Voodoo Australia to come up with our very own line catered to our "female-friendly" environment. 

Voodoo Unlimited, Voodoo V3, Voodoo Code Red, Voodoo Blue Crisp, Voodoo Gold, Voodoo Bronze, Voodoo Silver, Voodoo Hype, Voodoo Dutch and Voodoo Triad make up this years line.

The Voodoo line is well balanced and perfect for forwards, midfielders, and defenders of all age and skill levels.

Check out the new line both on Voodoo America @ www.voodooamerica.com or online at www.voodooamerica.com